Alkuwaitiya and Alkuwaiti workshop

AlKuwaitiya & AlKuwaiti : A Tale Of Two Buildings


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Workshop Brief:

Storytelling and architecture have long coincided. Architecture withholds an entire history within its walls; it embraces our daily activities through indoor & outdoor spaces, and it tells a story of our culture, our past, the pace in which we develop, how we develop, and beyond. People say if walls could talk, they would speak about their inhabitants, the passersby, the visitors, those who came, and those who abandoned. Through a cross-disciplinary workshop, the robust relationship between storytelling and architecture will be highlighted.

Al Kuwaitiyah and Al Kuwaiti, a name that evokes a conversation between two people. Instantly identifying the individuals with a nationality. The name is also a common name used for two buildings one in Kuwait, the other in Bahrain. Al Kuwaitiyah, is what locals call the headquarters building of Kuwait Airways in Kuwait City, while Amarat Al Kuwaiti is what Bahraini’s call a building owned by a Kuwaiti merchant in Manama, Bahrain.

Both buildings introduced a set of controversies within their local community. Both riddled with rumors of faulty structures and both evicted. Al Kuwaitiyah long demolished, Al Kuwaiti under the threat of demolition. They once stood as reminders of an era of rapid development and prosperity. IN Narrative’s Third workshop is meant to address both buildings, what they stand for and the controversies they brought forth.

The workshop, just like the topic, is meant to take place in both countries simultaneously during Nuqat’s 2019 regional conference, while establishing a dialogue between both buildings and what they stood for, through a thorough exploration of both contexts.


Architects/designers/writers/storytellers/city lovers

Participation and Skills

• Good conduct of English language to write narratives.

• Documentation tools (cameras, phones, sketchbooks etc)

• Basic knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and/ or Photoshop (laptops with either or both softwares installed)

Kuwait’s Workshop:

will look into the trend of Post-Oil structure demolition, while taking the Kuwait Airways building as a case study. The participants will react to the building’s demolition, they will observe the building’s site and its current condition. The main outcome of the workshop will be a series of dialogues communicated with the participants of Bahrain’s workshop. They will share stories of the fallen building and what has become of it, as a warning or foreshadowing to Bahrain’s building. The workshop will aim to explore the context in which the building existed in its full glory, as well as the role it played. It will also explore the building in its present time, pre and post demolition.

Date: Nov 24th - 28th
Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Location: Sadu House

Bahrain’s Workshop

will focus on Al Kuwaiti building and its identity in Manama. As the building currently under threat of demolition, it may not be standing by the time the workshopkicks off. The theme of the workshop will bearchitectural propaganda. To “humanise” and apply political characteristics to buildings. The point of the workshop is to provide a mutual “Switzerland” zone of architectural observation of the building. For each participant to understand and formulate an opinion about the building (with or against). This is taken into consideration its identity at it’s height, its name, what it stood for, and its current identity, being under threat. The Workshop’s outcome is to create a mock political campaign for the building. a selected building (through posters, speeches, etc)

Date: Nov 25th - 29th
17:00 - 21:00

Location: Salmaniya House