Kuwait workshop | outcome


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Seeing Giants

By | Nasser Jaber | Taiba AlNajjar

“Oh it’s just that old man with his camels,” the obese woman waved her hand as if making to erase the old man’s existence, “always sitting, as silent as the camels on the wall.” She ushered her equally insufferable friend as far away from the old man sitting on the bench as possible.

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The Glitch

By | Noor khudher | Raneem AlNesef | Thuraya Shami

It’s getting worse with time, that’s all she ever felt. Time is her worst enemy and her bed was no longer comforting, yet she can never seem to leave it. Mira has stayed in bed, mostly staring at the cracks in the ceiling, not much mobile, for the past week. 

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Temple of Bones

By | Rawan Abuljebain | Yuliya Yudchenko

"Are you ready?"

"We will start cutting now." 

His heart begins throbbing, his body shaking, he had difficulty breathing, fear has already took over his his entire body. Suddenly, the typical room in the housing block converted from the decently sized space to a small and cold corner.