Street | IN Narrative Workshop

Street | IN Narrative

Architectural Storytelling Workshop - Kuwait City - October 2017

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1.0 Workshop Overview

The workshop aims to shed light on a recently revitalized street in Kuwait City. Mubarak Al Kabeer Street has seen a resurgence of activity in the recent years, thanks to the many micro coffee shops and restaurants popping up in disused spaces. The street also played a vital role in the modern history of Kuwait. Souk al Manakh [infamous for the stock market bubble crash back in the 80s] and the Stock Exchange are both located on it. This interesting duality, a semi-dark past and a seemingly bright present, is one of the main reasons IN NARRATIVE chose this street as the focus of its first workshop in Kuwait

Participants will have a chance to experience a curated selection of buildings and spaces along Mubarak Al Kabeer Street in Kuwait City and formulate stories based on their experience. They will not only get to visit the buildings but will experience the unique build up of the street from new and happening shops, well-established banks and underground passageways, all from a new perspective. The participants will learn to experience the city and street through a critical eye. They will imagine characters, scenarios and spaces. The buildings will be represented through experiential diagrams and collages that will focus on the experience and feelings the characters are having within the spaces instead of aiming to accurately represent the architecture they inhabit.



2.0A p p r o a c h

Through a 7-day workshop the following approaches will be adopted:

- Observation // outdoor Route in Mubarak Al Kabeer Street. (walk collaboration with madeenah)

- Lecture approach // Basics of Creative Writing x Experiential Diagramming Exercises

- Pin-up and Crit

3.0 When

Saturday | October 14st |  1:30pm - 5:30pm - Location Al Makan

 Sunday to Thursday | October 21st | 5:30pm - 9pm - Location Sadu House

Saturday | October 21st | 2pm - 6pm - Location Sadu House

Detailed schedule will be sent out to applicants after registration period closes on October 10th.

4.0 Instructors 

Mishari AlNajjar

Mishari AlNajjar is a practicing architect in Babnimnim Design Studio. Having graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a bachelors degree in Architecture and a minor in Urban Design, his work always stresses on the concept of a multidisciplinary approach. His current work observes human behavior and addresses it in a narrative method, merging the realms of story telling and architecture.

Sara Abdulla From Dust For Experience Design

Sara is the Development Manager at AlMawred Education, Co-Founder of Dust for Experience Design and Head of "Darayesh", the Architecture Initiative powered by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. With a background in Architecture and Project Management from the University of Manchester, Sara actively engages in promoting Architecture as an inclusive discipline, through creating collaborative spaces, experience design, workshops and events.

5.0 Fees

120 KWD per participant 

6.0 Participants & Skills

- University students or young professionals with a background in design and/or architecture (or any one interested in creative writing)

- Good conduct of english to write narratives (work will be in groups) 

- Diagramming skill to represent architectural spaces and experiences 

7.0 Tools

Cameras for documenting walk (professional or good phone cameras will do)

Writing tools (pen and paper will be provided , bring your laptops, type writers or whatever you write with!)

Diagraming tools (pen and paper will be provided, bring your laptops with whatever software you're comfortable with we recommend adobe illustrator and/or photoshop - short software demos will be given by instructors if necessary) 

8.0 Outcome

The work will be published on IN NARRATIVE’s website and social media accounts. The work of the participants will be included in an annual publication by IN NARRATIVE (2018).