| IN NARRATIVE is a multidisciplinary platform created to encourage cross disciplinary discourse within architecture. We aim to broaden the outreach of architecture through other disciplines. | IN Narrative aims to create a movement of architectural observation, fostering a greater understanding of the urban fabric of our cities. In an industry that is hugely self-referential the project aims to break the barriers between architects and the public by shedding light on the importance of experiencing spaces and engaging the public through exhibitions, workshops and research. Most importantly | IN Narrative thrives on humanizing structures through story telling.  


Mishari AlNajjar

Mishari AlNajjar is a practicing architect in Babnimnim Design Studio. Having graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a bachelors degree in Architecture and a minor in Urban Design, his work always stresses on the concept of a multidisciplinary approach. His current work observes human behavior and addresses it in a narrative method, merging the realms of storytelling and architecture.


Sara Abdulla 

Sara is the Development Manager at AlMawred Education, Co-Founder of Dust for Experience Design and Head of "Darayesh", the Architecture Initiative powered by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. With bachelors degree in Architecture and Project Management from the University of Manchester, Sara actively engages in promoting Architecture as an inclusive discipline, through creating collaborative spaces, designing experiences, workshops and events.


dust for Experience design

A creative startup founded by Sara Abdulla (Architect) and Hassan AlHariri (Brand, PR and Marketeer). Dust specializes in injecting soul into brands, products and spaces we interact with through experience design, event curation and a platform for pop-up spaces and ideas. It is disruptive. Volatile. Surprising. It is a playground for all that is cross-disciplinary.