city | IN NARRATIVE - Manama


Through a 5-day workshop, we aim to shed light on long forgotten backdrops in the urban fabric of Manama. The buildings that once were a destination, have consequently become an urban backdrop to our city. These buildings have witnessed countless stories, hundreds if not thousands of people passed through their doors, each with a different story to tell. What would be your story?

Participants will have a chance to experience a curated selection of buildings in Manama and formulate stories based on their experience. They will imagine characters, scenarios and spaces. The buildings will be represented through experiential diagrams that will focus on the experience and feelings the characters are having within the spaces instead of aiming to accurately represent the architecture they inhabit


Participants were divided into five groups of two, each group selected a building to create a narrative along with a visual representation of their idea centered around their selection. 


Images of the workshop.