Manama workshop | outcome



By | Muneera AlAwadhi | Tahera AbdulNabi 

"His parents were concerned. His fascination with ancient solid forms is a thing they hope he’d grow out off. “That building that is left on ground” he’d whine “the colorful balls in the glass bubble. He won’t give me any!”

Pearl Tree

By | Ahmed AlMannai | Khadija AlAali

"As the sea roared and rumbled, he only had his mother in sight, she grew small and restless each day. All he knew was pearls since the day he was brought to this earth, the sea was his life, and pearls were the cure to his mother's restlessness."


By | Amani AlAali | Maryam AlMallah

“Where are you off to?” the taxi driver asked.

“Oriental Palace Hotel!” He replied.

The taxi driver’s initial reaction was to grimace, he hesitated for a second and then started bombarding the guy with questions. 

Flat 103

By | Hanan AlMurbati | Rawan AlMulla

"An abandoned skyscraper that is surrounded by a modernistic city. Mysterious stories and rumors are carried in every single mouth of a library inside that building. There comes a wrinkled sad face entering the library."

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Hadruf Island | Furdah Island

By | Ali AlNajjar | Athar AlAli

"They were daughters of the sea, sisters of the glimmering waves, a society of mermaids that lived through time, ageless and beautiful. They inhibited an island that would move across the ocean to wherever they pleased and on a night of a full moon and high tide, the island sailed towards a city known as Manama."